Million Left to Mt. Holyoke College By Retired Advertising Executive

They set foot in Bitlis from their exhausted mules for the first time on a cloudy day of October The sisters had been recruited specifically by senior missionaries George Knapp, Sr. They began their work eagerly but encountered considerable obstacles that forced them to proceed with caution. They met with a mentality that caused families to resist educating girls. The missionary sisters realized that they first had to win fathers and brothers to their cause. As some families became convinced of the value of their daughters and sisters being educated, attitudes changed, and the Mount Holyoke Seminary was officially established in Bitlis. The younger sister Mary became the administrator, registrar and disciplinarian of the school. While she kept the books, she also taught mathematics. Charlotte had a totally different personality.

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Mount Holyoke seems like the perfect place for me, but I’m quite But being a woman who identifies as queer, what is specifically the queer social scene like on campus? Workout at Umass gym (date with Umass student).

Looking for a mentor? Check out the Association for Women in Science and see if you have a chapter near you! To those who went to female-only colleges – could you share your experiences? Hi there. I am a community college student set to transfer to university. As I was looking through potential schools to transfer to, I noticed the abundance of women’s colleges available. Curious, I decided to research a few, and came up with some interesting articles of happy women alum describing their experiences there.

I became intrigued. I always attended co-ed schools my entire life, and never really gave female-only colleges a second thought. But all of these refreshing statistics I found especially regarding graduation rates, participation in class, and interaction with faculty have peaked my interest. Some quick background: I’m more of a quiet student, but I am a team player and I do like to work with others, ask questions, etc.

But I have to admit – I do feel intimidated in a “male dominated” environment.

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Mount Holyoke College For a more social scene, Los Angeles has plenty of bars with women’s nights, bookstores, and cafés. Lastly, the USC.

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MHC in D. You dedicated countless hours over many, many years to Mount Holyoke. I can say with confidence you will do a wonderful job as president. I am still grateful to this day for the insights you both provided! Thank you, Mount Holyoke, for opening up the subject of death and spirituality!

about the dating scene, and reminded myself that I could always meet guys by taking courses at the other schools in the area. My roommate at Mount Holyoke.

Long known as The Oxbow, this work is a masterpiece of American landscape painting, laden with possible interpretations. In the midst of painting The Course of Empire New-York Historical Society , Cole mentioned, in a letter dated March 2, , to his patron Luman Reed, that he was executing a large version of this subject expressly for exhibition and sale. Cole’s interest in the subject probably dates from his trip to Europe, during which he made an exact tracing of the view published in Basil Hall’s Forty Etchings Made with the Camera Lucida in North America in and Hall criticized Americans’ inattentiveness to their scenery, and Cole responded with a landscape that lauds the uniqueness of America by encompassing “a union of the picturesque, the sublime, and the magnificent.

Cole’s unequivocal construction and composition of the scene, charged with moral significance, is reinforced by his depiction of himself in the middle distance, perched on a promontory painting the Oxbow. He is an American producing American art, in communion with American scenery. There are both sketchbook drawings with annotations and related oil sketches of this subject.


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English: The main gate of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Date, 9 June , Source, Mt Holyoke, MA;.

Amazon shoppers swear by this affordable way to reduce signs of aging on your neck and decollete area. In the early morning hours of Christmas Eve last year, the Massachusetts state police were dispatched to the home of a longtime professor at Mount Holyoke College. When the on-duty trooper arrived at the home in Leverett, not far from the college, he found a horrific scene: the professor alive but severely wounded, covered in her own blood.

Because there was a single fact about the incident that was now widely known: The person charged with committing the violence was another one of their beloved professors. By March, Rie Hachiyanagi, 48, had been sitting in a cell at the Franklin County House of Correction for months, having been denied bail in late February. Mount Holyoke quickly distanced itself from Hachiyanagi, emphasizing that the attack occurred during winter recess and off campus, and that the alleged perpetrator has been placed on administrative leave and is banned from campus.

The college produced no representatives to speak about Hachiyanagi. But when a college is the beating heart of a small town and a landmark of American higher education, its image and the actions of its faculty become one and the same. Duty and purpose and responsibility get blurred in a way that, in this strange and harrowing instance, generates more questions than answers. Is it possible that Mount Holyoke has been employing its own Talented Mrs.

Mount Holyoke professor accused of attacking colleague over unrequited love

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While the exteriors and cabin scenes were filmed at Mountain Lake in Virginia, the At the beginning of the film, it is said that Baby will attend Mount Holyoke.

Rie Hachiyanagi, 48, of South Hadley, is charged with armed assault to murder a person older than 60, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, one count of mayhem and one count of armed assault in a dwelling. The victim, whose name has been redacted from police reports to protect her identity, is expected to survive, but she suffered severe injuries, Sullivan said in a news release. The victim told state troopers she and Hachiyanagi have never been romantically involved and that Hachiyanagi was in a long-term relationship with a man, according to court documents.

Watch and listen to Rie Hachiyanagi speak about her work below in a video from Mount Holyoke. Christian Feuerstein told the Boston Globe that Hachiyanagi has been placed on administrative leave. Hachiyanagi was the person who called Hachiyanagi told the officers she had arrived for previously agreed upon plans with the victim to find her beaten and lying in a pool of blood. The officers searched the house, multiple outbuildings and the property for an assailant, with no results, the complaint says.

At that point, the victim, who was able to speak, told the troopers she had lost her glasses in the attack and did not know the gender or anything else about the person who had attacked her. Her statements would change drastically when she was at the hospital — and away from Hachiyanagi, according to court documents. Bresnahan and another trooper met with the victim about three and a half hours after they initially responded to her home.

By that point, her eyes were purple and swollen shut. As she lay on a gurney, a cervical spine collar around her neck, she told the investigators what she said really happened. According to the criminal complaint, the victim said Hachiyanagi showed up at her home around 10 a.

Mount Holyoke College Collections

The oxbow on the Connecticut River near Northampton, Massachusetts, holds a distinctive place in art history. The painting juxtaposes untamed forests near the summit of Mount Holyoke with a more pastoral scene of cultivated farmland on the far side of the river. When Cole composed his painting, the oxbow was a sharp meander that was still fully connected to the river.

The construction in of a railroad bridge between the oxbow pond and the river further separated them. More change came in the s with the construction of Interstate 91, which bisected the oxbow pond and led to the creation of the triangular and diamond-shaped ponds between the highway and the river. Today, the oxbow—the site of a marina—is fed by the Mill River and Manhan River, and is only connected to the Connecticut by a small channel at its south end.

Is it possible to date men while studying at a women’s college (like Mt. Holyoke College) given today’s college hook up culture?

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Volunteer Opportunities at Mount Holyoke College

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